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If you haven't heard of Anthony Pellicano you should. To be released from prison on March 22, 2019 a man of intrigue, crime, honour and what "could" be the most explosive expose of Politics plus Hollywood 2018-02-15, World

Russian Fake Media? Kremlin urges media not to rely on misinformation on developments in Syria. 2018-02-14, Russia

Peeling back the layers, an interesting take on what is happening in the USA. It might be a warning to all when we elect those who are free with our money and our morals. To be fair I read FOX, CNN, NY Post and the NY Times among a dozen others to get a good cross section and the article I lead you to here hits the high points. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke 2018-02-12, USA

Plane Crash just outside of Moscow all 71 onboard feared dead 2018-02-11, Russia

Mideast Clash Israel Downs Iranian Drone, Strikes Syria; F-16 Crashes 2018-02-10, Mideast

Startman to Mars Tesla Roadster headed to asteroid belt 2018-02-08, USA / World

Trump hater Schiff apparently pranked by Russian radio hosts . 2018-02-07, USA / World

SpaceX Falcon Heavy, successful lauch. 2018-02-06, USA

Winter Olympics workers hit with vomiting illness; military personnel called in for backup 2018-02-06, World CEO:: 'Google and Facebook Are Watching Our Every Move Online. It's Time to Make Them Stop' 2018-02-01, World

50 Million hours per day less! According to facebook CEO Zuckerberg 2018-02-01, World

Leaders lead! 'I don't have a rule book', Justin Trudeau 2018-01-31, Canada

Kent Hehr remains in caucus amid groping allegations: 'Every case will be different', Justin Trudeau 2018-01-30, Canada

For the accused men overtaken by the #MeToo tsunami, there is no recovery 2018-01-30, World

Grammy Awards Fall, too political and too scantily clad. 2018-01-29, USA

Flu Season From Hell Keeps Getting Worse 2018-01-28, USA

Men face big pay cuts as BBC scrambles to cut gap between men and women. 2018-01-25, UK

Our leaders party in Davos as the world and democracy burns 2018-01-24, World

"The Global Fake News - Pandemic" 2018-01-24, World

"7.9 Quake off Alaska," Tsunami warning cancelled. 2018-01-23, North America

"Liberal "Results: The Real Tracker". An EYE OPENER with alleged facts! 2018-01-21, Canada

"Netanyahu says if Abbas rejects the US as mediator, he doesn't want peace" 2018-01-19, Middle East

"Worse Than Watergate FISA Abuse by Senior DOJ and FBI Officials" 2018-01-19, USA

"President Trump reveals winners of his 'Fake News' awards" 2018-01-18, USA

"Liberals announce $20-million for gender-based violence prevention" 2018-01-17, Canada

"Swamp North an interesting read." 2018-01-16, Canada

"Project Veritas alleges "Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post Online" Including Private "Sex Messages"" 2018-01-15, World

"The Queen reveals wicked sense of humour in documentary" 2018-01-15, UK

"Passenger jet with 168 people on board skids off icy runway left dangling close to the SEA" 2018-01-14, Turkey

"Hawaii's false missile threat:" 2018-01-13, USA

"'I want you all to stay angry' - Trudeau regarding the Khadr payout. - We will, we promise! " 2018-01-12, Canada

Iran nuclear deal: UK challenges US to find better alternative" 2018-01-11, UK

"Trump to take populist 'America First' message to globalist Davos summit"2018-01-09, World

"Michael Goodwin: Why Trump, chaos and all, is still better than" 2018-01-08, USA

"Behind the Mask of the Moderates." 2017-11-19, Canada

"TRU-DUDS: The Underperforming Liberal Cabinet." 2017-05-08, Canada

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