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10/11/2019 - Conrad Black - The National Post

"The Trudeau Liberals' record: four years of nothing solid"

"This is the government's record: pandering, posturing, bungling, faddishness and extravagance, and four more years of it is promised .." Read more

10/11/2019 - Brian Jean - Calgary Herald

"It's up to Ontario's voters to save Canada from Trudeau"

"When I retired from federal politics in 2014, Canada was united and .." Read more

10/08/2019 - Lorrie Goldstein - Toronto Sun

"It's disgusting that Trudeau wanted a school strike"

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's increasingly frantic efforts to drag Ontario .." Read more

10/07/2019 - The Correspondent

Opninion by The Correspondent - English Leaders Debate

"There was only one Prime Minister on that stage and his name is Andrew Scheer." Return

10/06/2019 - Emma Jarralt - Electric Autonomy

"Tesla acquires Canadian battery specialist, Hibar Systems"

"Tesla Inc. is expanding into Canada with the purchase of a Richmond Hill .." Read more

10/03/2019 - Keean Bexte, Rebel News

"Show me your journalism ID"

"Montreal police harass Rebel reporters, while Trudeau sneaks out back door .." Read more

10/03/2019 - Matt Gurney, National Post

"The Liberal handgun proposal is breathtakingly stupid"

"For political reasons, they felt like they had to do something. 'Do something' are the .." Read more

09/30/2019 - EDITORIAL, The Toronto Sun

"Trudeau's still stiffing us for his refugee tab"

"While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to bribe us with our own money to win .." Read more


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