• Canadian Politcal Exposure reprints political statements made by either the Progressive Conservative Part of Canada or the NDP of Canada or the Liberal Party of Canada.

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  • The Progressive Conservative Part of Canada or the NDP of Canada or the Liberal Party of Canada make both broad and narrow statements that we reprint here and add our view.

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  • Political commentary can be rough waters to row but then what isn't so here we comment on statements from the three main stream parties in Canada, the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals and NDP.

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Canadian Exposure - Political Comments

All materials under details come directly from public statements issued by political parties or their members. Our view, is just that! We only deal with party's emails, anything else can be changed. We have PC and NDP so far, can't find the other. Below are statements by four of the fourteen candidats.

Kevin O'Leary
"Canada cannot afford another 4 years of Justin Trudeau. I am a successful Canadian businessman with a great deal of international experience. I have seen first-hand Trudeau’s gross economic mismanagement, and the effect it is having on our country. Many Canadians were optimistic when Trudeau promised them he would balance the budget by 2019. That is not what happened. Once elected, he broke his promise and put forward a dangerous proposal that is financed through perpetual debt. Now we are being asked to forfeit our children’s futures under the burden of unbalanced budgets for the next 38 years, leaving the country $1.5 trillion in the hole. In this nightmare, Canadians will soon spend the majority of their tax dollars paying interest on money spent long before their time. This is Trudeau’s curse of debt. Canadians, today and tomorrow, will never have the opportunities their parents had because of this curse. I will not let that happen." - read more

Kellie Leitch
"Throughout this campaign, I have been clear about creating more freedom and more prosperity by promoting a unified Canadian identity that is based on historic Canadian values. Many in the media, the out-of-touch elites, most of the Trudeau Liberals, and even some Conservatives, including all of the other candidates in this leadership race have come out against my policy that would require all immigrants, refugees, and visitors to Canada to have a face-to-face interview with a trained immigration officer. We must screen for Canadian values." - read more

Lisa Raitt
"2017 is a critical year for our party. We will select a new leader who can replace the shallow, self-absorbed government of Justin Trudeau – a Liberal government lacking policies that benefit Canadians. There has never been a more important decision for us as party members. The vision, tone and substance of our next leader will be the face of the Conservative Party in 2019. This leadership race sets the course for our movement – determining whether the great coalition crafted by Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay succeeds or fails." - read more

Andrew Scheer
"Conservatives need to offer a different vision than Trudeau, we can't just be Liberals who are good at math. I am a real Conservative who will offer a positive vision for our country. I am a real leader who can unite our movement and take on the Liberals." - read more

Cory Hann - 10/18/16
One year ago, Conservative candidates were canvassing day and night, reminding Canadians of the great things our party had accomplished since 2006, and hoped to accomplish in the future.

Lower taxes, balanced budgets, sustained economic growth, help for middle class families – these are just some of the things our party fights for..... more

Dustin van Vugt - 10/05/16
One year ago, we were in the middle of the 2015 election. We were busy defending our Conservative government's record from baseless attacks.
And we weren't just being attacked by the Liberals - countless third party groups sprung up, with ..... more
Cory Hann - 10/04/16
Yesterday, Justin Trudeau announced he will force a carbon tax on every part of the country – whether they want it or not.
The news went over with a thud. Three provincial ministers walked out of a meeting of environment ministers ..... more
Rona Ambrose - 09/29/16
When Justin Trudeau’s Liberals campaigned on a promise to bring “real change”, we should have asked him to be more descriptive. The only “real change” he brought was a return to Liberal arrogance and taxpayer abuse!
#RealChange – they squandered the Conservative budget surplus and drove up the debt by ..... more


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