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Rona Ambrose - 09/29/16

Dear John –

When Justin Trudeau’s Liberals campaigned on a promise to bring “real change”, we should have asked him to be more descriptive.

The only “real change” he brought was a return to Liberal arrogance and taxpayer abuse!

#RealChange – they squandered the Conservative budget surplus and drove up the debt by at least $30 billion, this year alone.

#RealChange – they cancelled our tax breaks for families, and drove up taxes on small businesses.

#RealChange – we’ve seen scandal after scandal involving improper moving expenses, limo rides, and million dollar overseas trips!

Meanwhile on our side of Parliament, we have a strong, united team of Conservatives that are looking out for Canadian taxpayers every day!

We have a vibrant leadership race underway, which is bringing new ideas to the forefront of our national debate.

While the Liberals are up to their old tricks again, we are regrouping and preparing to defeat them in 2019!

Help us stand up for Canadian taxpayers and prepare for the 2019 election right now – donate $50!

Thank you so much for your support,


Our View

I am trying to find a response but based on what I've been able to gleen from the media, the statements are correct.


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