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2018-06-06, Canada: Liberty Nation: "Justin Trudeau: The Lemur of the Political Landscape" "Trudeau might be the most primitive of politicians. The slick-haired "empty trust fund millionaire," native to Ottawa, has a wide array ........"
Opinion: Just had to do this article as we work on major changes at Kawartha. This is what the "more sane" world thinks of Canada and its pretender. It will of course be worse, much worse if Ontario actually elects another Liberal or NDP government.

I had decided to avoid comment until after the election. Strategic Voting statements by the NDP and Liberals have changed that. I am a swing voter although I lean Conservative I may not have gone in that direction in this election, I was still undecided till I saw the talk on Strategic Voting.
What they're saying is you're too stupid to realize what you want! Vote Liberal and it's the same as voting NDP and vice versa. Where an NDP candidate is weak they will ask their base to vote Liberal and vice versa. Besides being a waste of your vote it's an insult to your intelligence. Their platforms have major differences and what you'll end up with is the worst of both.
So if you want the same or worse vote as they are demanding, that's the way I see it.

2018-04-23, Pe'bo ON: MyKawartha: "Ceasefire in PDI sale won’t affect terms of deal: City of Peterborough" A 30 year employee of PDI says: "the City should have started a bidding process for the sale of PDI as there were other buyers who were locked out from making offers due to the closed process."
Opinion: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke
Evil is alive and well in Peterborough.

2018-04-23, Canada: Global News (updated): "Tragedy in Toronto" "10 people dead after van plows into pedestrians on Yonge Street, Alek Minassian suspected driver in Toronto van attack"
Opinion: RIP, heal and condolances to all the families.
What can be said that hasn't already been said in every country and corner of the world about these kinds of incidents. Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting!

2018-04-23, Cities: Peterborough Examiner: "City of Peterborough considers legalizing basement apartments" Simply regulate City Property useage and in turn that will control private property use - see opinion.
Opinion: Work on what happens outside private property and mind your own business. Limit number of cars on a property, heavy fines for blocking the boulevard, single entrance to property (max 10 feet wide). That would bolster current fence heights, limited amount of garbage, street parking fines and so on. Controlling the exterior means you control the property making the City a safer, better place to live. Ordinary expectations for ordinary people.

2018-04-22, World: National Post: "America is being mocked by the shallow bias of its free press" "Anti-Trump mainstream media in the U.S., joined by their fatuously chirping Canadian counterparts, are failing the general public"
Opinion: If you want fiction read a good novel. If you want news tell your publisher, paper or electronic, to stop with their opinions and start delivering substantiated facts, name names and drop the line, informed sources along with other anonymous references.

2018-04-21, We Don't Want It: Peterborough Examiner: "City to take over management of Snofest" "Volunteers have diminished so the City of Peterborough, in its wisdom, decided that through a layer of bureaucracy, will manage it. Must justify those tax increases - heh!"
Opinion: When something no longer holds value to people why continue. It's the number one rule of why communism implodes, everybody's property is nobody's property. In a free society when something is not wanted it is gracefully set aside.

2018-04-21, Politicians: MyKawartha: "The Conservatives have quietly chosen who will run in October 2019, Sylvia Sutherland discovers" "It was only quiet if you're not a member of the party and stay in your safe space ignoring what's going on around you. Facts cannot be discovered, facts are already established."
Opinion: You can be civil and political at the same time. Politicians; past, present or future seem to be able to find an excuse for everything, with solutions for very little.

2018-04-18, Ontario: Global News: "Kathleen Wynne drags Donald Trump into Ontario politics" "... an ugly, vicious brand of politics that traffics in smears and lies ..."
Opinion: Hopefully the fast ride to the bottom is over and this election is the beginning of Trump like successes that are occurring in the US! The premier doesn't even realize it's no longer an insult to be compared to President Trump, it's a compliment.

2018-04-18, Canada: National Post: "Trudeau's reception turns chilly when he talks trade to France's National Assembly" "Was it chilly because of what he was saying or the way he was saying it?"
Opinion: Like father, like son!

2018-04-18, World: Fox News: "CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend" "President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that North Korea and South Korea will be meeting to end their decades-long war"
Opinion: Adult leaders who say as they do and do as they say are what the world needs everywhere. President Trump reminds me of Prime Minister Harper another forthright leader who got things done.

2018-04-17, Ontario: Global News: "Ontario PC leader Doug Ford ..." "... vows to eliminate provincial income tax for minimum wage earners"
Opinion: Here's another thought, base fines on GROSS income so that each is subject to the same pain. Example someone earning $30,000 Gross is penalized 3 times more then someone earning $90,000 Gross. If the current fine is $100 then the lower pays $100 and the higher pays $300. That would introduce fairness to the system.

2018-04-16, Canada: Macleans: How did good parenting become a crime? "People teaching their kids independence risk censure by preachy neighbours, zealous police and overreaching child services officials"
Opinion: Good parenting results in advanced children and young adults poised to be independent leaders instead of obediently following the socialist doctrines. Heaven help us if we opt for independence! You must assimilate into the collective pool!

2018-04-15, Canada: The Delingpole Podcast: ... "... Expressing sincere respect for the Canadian forces during the Second World War, James mourned the 'fearless men' that 'Canada lost.' He admitted that not only were they 'given the dirtiest jobs, they were all volunteers', and today their president is 'Justin Bieber Trudeau -- He's just the worst.""
Opinion: Always interesting what others think.

2018-04-11, Canada: Kelowna Daily Courier: " Former PM Harper congratulates Hungary's populist leader on election victory" "Harper congratulates populist Hungarian PM "
Opinion: Here I thought Liberals were inlcusive and listened to every side. Populist must conjur up visions of a Popular Person. It seems difficult for the Liberals to relate to "populists" in these normal times, hopefully gas attacks aren't more to their liking. Why is that?

2018-04-11, World: Fox News: "Get ready Russia" "Trump warns Kremlin about countering a US strike in Syria, blasts 'Gas Killing Animal' Assad"
Opinion: President Trump said: "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!' You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" Nice to see a world leader who doesn't appease tyrants - heh justin.

2018-04-10, Any Town: Peterborough Examiner: "Peterborough Memorial Centre replacement study considering up to a dozen possible locations" There's a real surprise!
Opinion: It never ceases to amaze that consultants come up with exactly what those who initiate the process want. Imagine that huh! They can't fill the Memorial Centre but for a couple of times, they say it is not trustworthy but suggest climbing walls and similar. Not trustworthy or Not Good Enough For The Elitists. Let's find a private sector company who will take on the project, pay for it, run it and simply pay taxes - that probably makes too much sense for the Elitists. who expect the public purse to pay for their toys

2018-04-09, Middle East: Global News: "Russia blames Israel for latest missile attack on Syria" ".... the airstrikes killed 14 people, including Iranians active in Syria"
Opinion: Russia has only Russia to blame for what will happen again. A smart person or country learns from mistakes, not continues making the same ones. When one lets ego gets in the way of gray matter then all reason goes out the door.

2018-04-08, Ontario: The Star: "In Ontario, get ready for a grudge match" "Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford believe in their bones that their view for Ontario's future is the right one."
Opinion: The Liberals will no doubt win again because of all the borrowing and then spreading the money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Bob Rae ensured his NDP fiasco lives in the memory of all sides in Ontario. As for Ford, there's always the next time! One person's opinion.

2018-04-07, Canada: Global News: "14 dead, 14 injured after Saskatchewan junior hockey team's bus collides with semi-truck" "RIP"

2018-04-03, Ontario: Muskoka Region: "Neighbours in a tizzy about design of 'Star Trek'-style Gravenhurst cottage!" Orwellian Logic on Muskoka Lake doing a whine dance!
Opinion: Maybe that is how the natives felt when these invaders and carpetbaggers came and created European cottages amidst their teepees and communal houses. How dare they complain now?

2018-04-03, Ontario: CHEX News:"Tarion revokes registration of Peterborough area builder ....." Why is that a big deal?
Opinion: This warranty should be a chargeable option, that's how free people do things. Bureaucracy, in most instances, is needed. Here it seems to be for it's own sake. A quality home inspection, as a condition of purchase, would be far superior to any warranty, express or implied.

2018-04-02, World: FOX News:"Teen disabled on a dare after swallowing slug leans on family, friends"
Opinion: The European Food Safety Authority has published its initial risk assessment of using insects and concluded that risks to human and animal health depended on how the insects were reared and processed..

2018-04-01, Canada: "Here's one we should never forget. CTV News reports on November 24, 2016:" - "The Liberal government has so far resisted calls for a referendum: "I've been quite clear from the very beginning that I don't believe that a referendum is the best way to go about having a really complex conversation about an important public policy issue like electoral reform," Monsef told reporters in Ottawa Thursday morning."
Opinion: Dictators are quite clear, when you don't agree with them they'll remove you from the process. We do possess the vote, the last bastion of freedom is voting without fear or force, for when good citizens vote, tyranny fails.

2018-03-31, Canada: CBC: "Why big phone companies still dominate internet services ....." - "..... amid cheaper options. It's a Canadian thing:"
Opinion: Allow the American carriers and cable companies up, then watch prices drop. We scream about Trump and tariffs yet we protect an entire monopolistic industry. Even the small guys have to use the big Telco or Cableco infrastructure. CRTC just dictates what percentage they have to pay them. They tolerate the little guy, their customer, so they can say see we have competition, we're not a monopoly.

2018-03-30, News Publishers: The Hill: "CNN lost its way in struggle to find an audience" - "CBC and CTV ?"
Opinion: If you call yourself a news outlet you have to publish what people need to hear not what you or they want to hear. Straying from the truth or the center slants your service irrevocably.

2018-03-29, Ontario: National Post: "Ontario Liberals table an NDP budget " - "The Liberals are trying to scare Ontarians into voting for them lest Doug Ford's PCs 'cut' programs that they only came up with 10 minutes ago and don't even exist yet ....."
Opinion: There's a good chance this collection will get in again if they can scare you about PCs and entice you with NDP promises.

2018-03-29, Europe: Brietbart: "78 Percent of Europeans Want Tighter Control of Borders." - "A massive poll covering all 28 European Union (EU) states has revealed an overwhelming concern over illegal immigration ....."
Opinion: You cannot call yourself a Country or Nation State if all from outside the Country or Member Nation States are free to enter!

2018-03-28, Canada: CBC News: "Pope won't apologize for residential schools despite pleas from survivors, PM" further: "Pope Francis won't visit Canada to make an apology ... a formal request by the prime minister"
Opinion: If we spent our lives reliving our past rather then learning from our past and applying the lessons to our future, we'd be stagnating in a world that is advancing.
Heh, Mr. Prime Minister!

2018-03-28, PTBO Ontario: Peterborough Examiner News: "Peterborough Public Library told to chip in on new website design" further: "But it turns out the $477,915 won't cover the full cost of the library's new website. The library would owe the city $35,700 for setup and design of the site, states a report from the library CEO, plus $1,200 a year for website hosting fees"
Opinion: Breaking that down then $35,700 divided by $477,915 equals 7.5% of the total so we can assume ongoing costs to be $1,200 divided by .075 equals $16,000 per year. The City has in-house web design, yet again this administration and this council needs outside consultants and contractors. Why do we need employees and contractors?

2018-03-28, USA: FOX News: "Facing backlash, California county rescinds homeless shelter plan" - "Citizens in revolt against a revolting system ....."
Opinion: Maybe we should send our own message to our seat warmers, they're homeless not helpless. Instead of a cheque let's rent them accommodations, not build them so the cycle continues.

2018-03-27, Ontario
Global News: "Province provides nearly $7M to tackle wait times at Peterborough Regional Health Centre" Opinion: "When will we wake up and understand that throwing money, our money used to borrow money, at a problem doesn't solve the problem." It may add more bodies to trip over each other or take time off or whatever but the problem will not be fixed, in most cases it will be worse.

2018-03-28, USA
FOX News: "Facing backlash, California county rescinds homeless shelter plan" Opinion: Maybe we should send our own message to our seat warmers, they're homeless not helpless. Instead of a cheque let's rent them accommodations, not build them so the cycle continues.

2018-03-27, Ontario
Global News: "Province provides nearly $7M to tackle wait times at Peterborough Regional Health Centre" Opinion: "When will we wake up and understand that throwing money, our money used to borrow money, at a problem doesn't solve the problem." It may add more bodies to trip over each other or take time off or whatever but the problem will not be fixed, in most cases it will be worse.

2018-03-26, Canada
Opinion: In politics we have to remember that a Premier or a Prime Minister only have one vote just like the rest. We may not like Wynne or Horvath or Ford. However, the entire party votes for and enacts policy brought forward by the leader and their cabinet. You elected all to represent you, not to follow party leaders or doctrines blindly.

2018-03-26, Canada
National Post Reports: "Liberals' effort to blackmail churches over abortion opposition backfires" Claiming: "More to the point, the Canada Summer Jobs controversy has moved many of those who support the status quo to concede that people have a right to dissent from it."

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